Do not offer me . . .

Do not offer me
any false embrace,
after your many years
of shame and disgrace.

New and shocking news.
The black brown red poor
are the ones not returning
through the COVID-19 door.

Our chosen U.S. leaders say,
‘’We will discuss why this is so,
but first let us get the economy
back on track, so money will flow”.

If you’re not black brown red or dead,
the truth of why you folks are so ahead
is not unknown to any of us. We do know
adding color to white will not end one’s life,

and denying change increases strife,
so I suggest you coming out on top
is a strategy that needs to stop.

Let us share a new journey
with others and all of life,
so new days will appear

brighter than before,
and all that is seen
is love at the door.