Evolution at work.

Before: Curtail the uncontrolled sale of guns.

Then: Guns aren’t the issue. It”s the shooters.

and Then: We are trying to determine why they did it.

Now: When it happened, our kids hid. Yippeee

Don’t take my word for this evolution.
Listen closely after the next killing spree.

Some folks suggest we reinforce the schools with bulletproof glass, armed patrols, and metal detection devises. Others suggest we arm teachers AND students with concealed weapons, to protect themselves and their classmates/friends.

Guns have always been part of this country’s history. Guns have never been part of shooting White Americans (men, women, children and babies) in mass. Native Americans, enslaved Africans, and other Americans have often been at the receiving end of guns in North America. Well, there was the Civil War.

I ask you, if/when there are more guns on the street/in schools, and in homes, who profits most? The students, the teachers, the gun carrying civilians OR the gun manufacturers and their share holders? Ask yourself, ‘Do gun manufacturers and their supporters care more about Amendments OR their bank accounts? An Amendment argument is being used, but really, HOW REAL is it? In a Capitalist culture, bogus arguments may be used to enhance wealth. Right or wrong?

At one time medical professionals working for the tobacco manufacturers denied that smoking cigarettes was harmful. Remember? Why? Was it the profit motive that induced the medical professionals to lie, or something else? If it was something else, please let me know what that ‘something else’ was.

I certainly agree there are more dimensions to this gun argument than are discussed. There are grey areas in every argument, BUT it is easier/simpler to make it black and white. Where do you sit or stand, when it comes to gun use in the United States of America?