FB asks
all us humans
“What’s on your mind?”

What’s on most minds these days?
Transformation is inevitable,
or “I am going to die.”

Dying is a human construct.
Change is what I see.
Earth to earth.

Open any media output device.
Receive all that is offered,
or not. I say not.

You want to stay in the body vehicle?
Wash the hands, wear a mask,
do what is necessary.

You want to support the mind vehicle?
Plant and nourish positive change.
Live truth from the inside out.

You want to join the crowded field?
Be the force fed fois gras goose.
Fatten up on the media news.

The mind control media uses death
to keep our biggest fears alive.
‘You die if you don’t buy.’

Let us keep the share holders fat.
By buying what we don’t need,
the monied cats get fatter.

Autumn leaves return to earth.
View the early Spring buds.
Lifelessness supports life.

Let’s celebrate the full cycle
of creation, life AND death,
to live in a balanced way.

Change is inevitable.
Here today. Gone
tomorrow. Call it
what you will.