About Fred

Fred is a Signature Member in the National Collage Society. His works reflect this award winning artist’s diverse cultural heritage.

Fred says,” Flirting at death’s door and embracing life’s beauty, have kept a honed edge on my creative expressions. Growing up with a multi-racial heritage in New York City, serving in Vietnam during the conflict, and living in Asia several years also helped shape my world. I share my beliefs, hopes and vision through various creative expression.”

Fred’s art calls us to a deeper examination of our spiritual, social and political condition. His detailed collages are composed of hundreds of images. The images, some no larger than one-quarter inch, are painstakingly cut out with scalpels and affixed to a substrate. The original works have been reproduced for the public in archival-quality prints.

In addition to creating the collage works, Fred partnered with two others to create “The Picture Project’, a WA state 501c3 educational enterprise. They invited hundred’s of elementary and middle school students to create art and voice opinions on topics of universal importance. Their three films, “Peace Looks Like This’, ‘This Is My Family’ and “My World of Black, White and Color’ received rave reviews at the Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festivals.

An ongoing project takes place in the Hansville Greenway (above Marker 14) and has spanned several years. Fred’s ‘Wood ‘n Stone Posts’ make use of the area’s wood, stones, and plants, to create thought provoking messages for trail users.

Currently, Fred is focused on turning his stories and ‘fredisms’ into print material. Some of his ‘WORDS’ may be viewed on this site and he’d enjoy receiving any feedback you’d like to offer.

Please contact Fred at fred@frednicholson.com