Friends and others.

I heard the news about RBG last evening, once, and turned the radio off.
The challenge for me will be to listen loud, hear loud and love loud,
from inside out, and not to tune in to the incessant Left vs. Right conversations.

The challenge for me will be to absorb spirit essence through books, podcasts and to share
with others who are not caught up in the current ‘good news, bad news’ headlines, sure to follow.
The media we are fed recreates scenarios for emotional affect and financial gain, like having to watch
the planes crash into the World Trade Center over and over, for months.The first time I saw those pictures
was weeks after the events. I avoided news and images from September 11th as best as was possible.
What could I do about it? On the treadmill at the Poulsbo Athletic Club weeks later, the tv monitors were still
projecting the crashes, explosions and jumpers.

Them and us has been the way, and may continue to be to our dying day. There are layers of life beyond white and black, them and us, you and me. Been reading books by Black authors regarding racism, the ongoing taboo topic in this country. It exists. I have experienced it head on, and will continue to, yet there are more subtle aspects to this thing named life.

I have experienced those also. Change is constant and inevitable, despite my attachment or repulsion of it.
Just got back from Home Depot, on this first rainy morning in Kingston, WA.
So, the challenge for me will be to avoid the current ‘what if, what next’
chatter on CNN, FOX, Huff Post, and all the other circuits that will bid
for my valuable (never to get back) time.
That is my 2 cents.

Time for breakfast
and conscious breathing


September 19, 2020