Life & Death Tools

In 2019
the U.S. military expenditure was $718 Billion.
the Chinese military spent $261 Billion.
the Russian military spent $65 Billion.
the Indian military spent $71Billion.
the Saudi military spent $61Billion.
.the French spent $50 Billion.
Germany spent $49 Billion.
the U.K. spent $48 Billion.

the U.S. expenditure was $718 Billion.
The next 7 highest combined costs
come to a total of $605 Billion.

In conclusion, we U.S. tax payers
give more $$$ to our military
than the next seven

countries combined,
get for theirs.

please research the numbers,
and tell my why the controversy
about President Biden’s proposal
to save American lives during Covid-19
have some of us saying ‘He wants too much’.

It appears to me
we’d prefer to pay
more for tools of death,
than for tools to keep us alive.

Please let me know
,how I am wrong here