I am angry,
but not surprised
by the Capitol Bldg.
invasion by white folks.

I cannot believe
many people of color
living in our demoncracy
are shocked by the images.

I am listening to NPR
hosts and guests chatting,
but not about the foundation
of systemic N. American racism.

No. Much of the chatter
is about removing Trump.
Sure, he is somewhat nutty,
but he didn’t invade the capital.

Trump did not hypnotize
all the angry, thinking adults,
mostly caucasian (white) males,
now very fearful of losing their control.

Not that long ago,
only white males voted.
Now women, people of color,
and multiple sexes and genders vote.

All that to say,
we need a scapegoat,
one person to take blame,
so to exonerate the guilty ones.

The angry men, mostly,
charged through the doors
of the Capitol Bldg., destroying
property, because they wanted to do so.

Was going to end there,
but newly appointed Biden,
who will reach across the aisle
may be flustered by no return hand.

Obama had tried that,
reaching across the aisle.
What did his reach get him?
Let’s see what reaching gets Biden.

Let us see
if he is able
to play hardball.
Time will surely tell.

A lot of anger
out here today.


January 7, 2021