Hey woman, run next door and tell Charlie we’d like some hotdogs.

What did you say?

What, I gotta repeat myself? This is the fourth of July. We supposed to have hot dogs.

You must have lost your mind. The shock of them repossessing our clothes, furniture and everything else and throwin’ us out here in the goddamn street this mornin’ must a made you an instant retard. Since you got out, you ain’t had a job in 10 years and they jus took away my unemployment. How we gonna eat hot dogs? We sittin’ out here in the street, in the god damn rain. You lucky Charlie felt sorry for your pitiful ass and got you that beer.

Honey, I jus . . .

Don’t honey me. I gotta think bout what we goin’ do now.

Honey I think we . . .

Now you goin’ think? Just drink your beer and shut the fuck up. You want a hot dog, pull it out of your god damn underwear.