I wanna see

I wanna see
luv uck shon

Yeah sure
I made it up
and here is the drift.

Luv is a sad happy face
made up any way you want.

Luv invites change and gives
options to follow or not.

Luv is a hurricane,
the gale force

Luv is presence
and presents.

Luv is hot and cold
and all temps
in between.

Luv is dominance and submission
and again, none of the above.

Luv is a language tongue
to ear to mouth
to here.

Luv is a sparkly love bird
swooping up and down
and all around town,

then landing
on your sill.

Luv is the masculine
stillness at night
a bright light


Luv is one breath
after the other,
slowed down

’til you and me
meld as all
that be

Love is a fingered caress
raising rushing blood
and a faster pulse.

Luv is in the mirror
Luv is the mirror
Luv is love