In my back yard
we round them up
and send them back
across the border

In the news
they bulldoze houses
because the earth has value,
not the homes of others

In my back yard
fathers and sons are killed
and dragged and lynched
and jailed just because

In the news
olive orchards thrive,
for hundreds of years,
are then destroyed in a day

In my back yard
synagogues are torched
and swastikas are splashed
across the landscape

in the news
they cut down the Rain Forest
to increase their payday,
which decreases our oxygen

In my back yard
families live in the street
as best they can,
while the few live in mansions

In this world
where is the humanity?
Since we humans landed,
it’s been us versus an enemy

From my back yard
the enemy is any human
that looks thinks and speaks
different than we do.