This is my Creation Theory.
The eggs were spray painted and photographed in my backyard. Some were hard boiled. 21 had to be handled gingerly as they were raw. The three hard-boiled ones had slightly tinted whites. Kaia and I ate one of them anyway. So far so good.

Some of the babies are pictures from friends and family. Others are royalty free images from a stock photo site. The ‘baby nest’ consists of handfuls of dead grass I pulled out for this purpose. Was out with Kaia at the time. She looked at me quizzically, then resumed sniffing the ground.

My friend Catrice donated the hands and arms. I did reshape them for not so obvious reasons. The nest in Catrice’s hands is from the web and was doctored to personalize it.
The planets and animals are from my saved images.

What are your thoughts about this one? – Fred
Most images were cut out (with scalpels) and assembled manually.   [original for sale]

In the Beginning

  • Collage Dimensions: 21.5″ x 21.5″