in the Underground Railroad

Why do Pete Davidson, Conor McGregor and Donald Trump get so much attention?
The Kardashian’s offer peeks at altered body parts.
Rihanna and Kayne have followers world-wide.

What is the common denominator? 
Give up?
They all perform on a stage, to sate our variable,
collective appetites.

It’s addictive out there.
All that surface candy.

We got to go underground.
the Underground Railroad I speak of is deeper than ‘from here to there’
and not just whites saving blacks.
It’s deeper than that. It’s the connective flow of life’s entirety.
Not just you and me, and baby makes three.
It’s not even a railroad or the words that give it an image.
It’s the juice of matter, and beyond.

Words, thoughts, and dreams reveal a few small slices
of the whole connective pie.
You want more?

There is no more,
no less, no mind . . .,

[Back to words . . .]
in the Underground Railroad.

This one rolled out just now unaltered, and I’m slipping into dreamland
from an exhaustive day. It will stay this way for now,
as it’s coupling is even unclear to me.

Gonna’ hug Kaia ‘good night’
and lay this body down.