Inside LOOKIN’ Out

two young people come my way.
I want to smile, they pass,
and I do.
a couple approaches
his hand around her waist.
I stare at her jiggling breasts.

They look away and pass.
A bicyclist glides by.
My eyes follow.
young hispanic
bronze brawn

thin white
short blonde

they get near
I take notes
they pass

her perfume lingers
the women stand
across the street
waiting for GREEN.

they cross
holding hands.
They look at me.

One says,
“. . . self indulgent . . .”
They laugh.

I must look foolish
sitting outside the park
at W 24th St. and 5th Ave

writing in a book
by street lamp
at 3am in NYC.
I close the book,
stand, look around
and head home.