Inside – Out

Dreams & Truths
(There’s a word
to stumble over).

I remember my dreams.
I am a dream in a dream,
speaking of dreams.

I record my truth.
My truth is one grain of sand
in a Sahara storm. Not even.

Truth is here, now gone.
All else is a lie. Even Here-Now
is a howling mental deception.

Know mind! Whose?
(mine, yours, hers, his
theirs, ours?)

Thought is not truth.
Thought has been recorded,
filed and stored as history.

Where is this truth that evaporates
as surely as you and me and
I love to add,’baby makes three’?

Go ahead and point out a truth
that outlives the test of time.
You may say ‘change is the only truth’.

If that is your truth,
please capture change at any given moment.
When you do, how do you know for sure?

How does one compare now and not?
Answer that able-bodied question
and wind up back here inside-out.