Just past 3 AM
I woke from a nightmare
heart in throat

We focus on pets
art trees bees
sons daughters
sun and moon
each other

and avoid the inevitable.

Just past 3 AM
I woke
in cold chilling dark
not knowing, just feeling

They cut down many trees
an illusion
of course
they were for me

protection from the outside world.

Just past 3 AM
I woke to see
the fence
I have built
to replace the trees

that kept the outside out
the inside in
and mind convinced me
this 3-dimensional separation
was in fact factual


[There is a necessary 1 word change. It comes and goes (the word).
It refuses to come home. No worries.]

Home is where the heart is.

P.S. Three days later I was driving to an appointment, came around a highway bend
and eyed the retaining wall and tops of trees. A voice said “It’s all an illusion”.
For a moment (or longer?) there were no trees road steering wheel windshield wall hands..
Just an energetic connective flow. I thought WOW!, and was in mind, amazement, wonderment.