Let’s see what 8:44 PM backward gives us.

8:44 PM and back. Had steak and salad for dinner. Kaia had bits of steak in low sodium organic beef broth mixed with mushed pumpkin and her daily meds. Added 30mg of codeine* to her meal to help her chill from the limping pain. Made a trip to Home Depot for hardware and repaired the wheel barrow. Bagged laundry. Drove to Buck Lake with Kaia. On every trip to the park she stands in the back, looking forward. I have a Forester. I drive carefully and consciously, so she won’t topple over. It has happened a couple of times. Driving back home, she sits.

Luna joined us again. Luna lives across from the park. When she hears the squeak of the ball I toss to Kaia, Luna comes running out of her hidden home. First she runs over to Kaia. Their tails are wagging and they are licking faces. Luna then runs over to me. I rub her head and belly. I say which way we are heading, Luna (a 3-4 year old pointer mix) bolts off, Kaia huffs and puffs and hobbles off behind her. One never knows when love will appear. It appeared in Kaia’s life just a few months ago. Kaia like me, is a lone star. We both love people. When we are resting, Kaia walks up to every person that enters the park. If they are walking too fast away, she will hobble back to me. I often holler, ‘She just want to say hello’. Most folks stop, bend and pet her. She loves it. I can tell by her thumping beaver tail. Beaver tail because that tail has whacked me a few times. Try getting whacked by a beaver tail in your private region, and you will know what I am talking about. The humans are smiling and Kaia heads back my way. Me and the other humans generally wave to each other, all having been blessed.

Luna! Luna is a free spirit with time alone to roam. She is often in the park. In the beginning, she never approached any one. Over these 6 months the three of us have become buddies. Luna loves to sit in front of me now and be massaged and stroked, and will keep coming back for more. Kaia has never been a ‘stroke me’ dog. After just a few minutes she will get antsy and I will leave her be.

When we first saw Luna about 6 months ago, Luna never approached anyone. She kept her distance, then fled when someone invited her closer or when Kaia growled her away. In the early weeks she twice swooped in, grabbed Kaia’s squeaky ball and sped home with it. A few years ago Kaia would have given chase. These days it’s more of, ‘Oh well’. Wisdom and this aging vessel helps us realize the futility of chasing after youth. Isn’t it odd that the Global Anti-Aging market was worth more than 40 billion dollars in 2018. 40 billion dollars spent on tucks, suctions, injections, implants, and who knows what else to keep looking young. Here’s the bottom line. I keep saying it. It all returns to whence it came. Even the waterproof coffin my dad was buried in will return to whence (I like that word) it came. Dad too! All those waterproof seals will return to the earth. Actually, I am kinda curious about how intact dad and the box are, 30 odd years later. It was a middle of the price range coffin Ma picked out. Oh well! Let me add, I engage with vanity also. Don’t want you to think I am the cast iron pan calling the kettle black. Hmmm . . . I think I got that one wrong. I do know ‘kettle’ is in there somewhere.

Where was I?
Oh yes, the dogs and I. Luna takes off when she has the desire to do so. I am soo happy she is in Kaia’s life. A few days ago Kaia and I were out in the afternoon rain. I was walking fast. I looked back and she was huffing and puffing (Laryngeal paralysis) to keep up. I thought, ‘What if she died with me out here’? Then I thought I’d prefer she died, when out here with Luna. Kaia is with me because of habituated circumstances. She follows Luna because they have a spontaneous and mutual love connection. The first one she has had. Enough about the canines.

It’s 10:48 and I am ending this dribble right now. I know we didn’t go as far back as me jumping up to open the front door and ramp gate so she could Pee & Poop at 4:20 AM. Her liddle whiney barks woke me. She had a liddle doodie mishap in her bed. By the time she had taken care of business outside, I had freshened up her bed under the dining room table. She came back, and laid down at 4:34. I hopped in the bed and the day started again after 8 AM. There were some details I left out, as FB subscribes to a PG rated audience.

Enough for now. Maybe I will create a secret diary of my writings to be found after spirit leaves this temporary vehicle.
It’s now 11:00 PM
Good night.

*The codeine was a prescription given to me for Kaia by my Veterinarian and filled by Costco. I just don’t want FB informing the FBI and the J. Edgar Hoover folks knocking down my door, and scaring the shit out of me and my room mate.