This afternoon I stopped at the Albertson’s crosswalk for the Oriental man pulling the grocery cart
with two little bubbly kids side by side, one brown and one blonde, pushing. I heart smiled.


I’ve heard, “Morning little lady”.  I haven’t heard anyone coin the term “Morning little gentleman” yet.

True, Louisa May Alcott did write, ‘Little Men’ and ‘Little Women’, but how many are familiar with her ‘Little Men’?

Lets see what Webster* has to say about a ‘lady and gentleman’.

Ladies first: la (6th note in a musical scale) + la (a soft metallic element that tarnishes easily) + lad (a boy or man) + lady (a woman regarded as proper and virtuous).

Gentlemen second: gen (information obtained from study) + gent (a boy or man) + gentle (having or showing a kindly or tender nature) + gentleman (a man of refinement)) + leman (an illicit lover)

Hmmm . . .

Ladies have a high pitch, are part male (the rib), proper, virtuous, and tarnish easily. Another way of putting this is ladies are shrill, male, virtuous and tarnished. Not all women are ladies, but if virtuous ladies can tarnish so easily, what can we assume about the rest of them?

Birds and bugs closely follow ladies.

Gentlemen are always male. They learn through study, have tender natures, are lovers and a refined lot. Not all men are gentlemen, but all gentlemen are men.

Gentleman are studious loving gentle men. That’s from beginning to end.

So much said for ladies and gents.

*If the author’s name was Big Mama Websta, we’d have a whole nother story.


Did God create us or did we create Him? I think the latter is true. We make our beds and lie in them.

Moving up the ladder to evolvement or down into the fiery pit are both crippling illusions. How so you ask? Joel Goldsmith wrote a book entitled ‘Leave your Nets’. I believe he is referring to Heaven and Hell, and all rungs leading away from where Ram Dass says we need to be.

As long as I can hang the responsibility and consequence for my actions on Jesus, Satan, father, mother, in-laws, wife, husband, the kids, and God, there is nothing I won’t do, if it suits me.  I can bomb, burn, rape, murder and commit any number of horrific acts with justification. I can incinerate, terminate, take out ‘the trash’, and exterminate any one/group not like me.

It’s much easier to say, “God tells me to . . .” or “the devil made me do it . . .” than to look in the mirror and accept the weight of my own actions.

At what point did we compromise love of life and life of love? At what point in our evolvement did myopia take hold, causing us to lose sight of the full picture? When did we lose presence along with it? I can blame Adam for my indiscretions. He took the first bite and oneness became ‘wow, check her out’. Yeah, he fucked up everything. Then there’s Eve, who distracts me when she walks past on a bright breezy summer afternoon, in sandals and a loosely flowing dress. What’s a man supposed to do? Seek God in the midst of all this . . . heat?

No! Know your breathe. We can do without a whole lot of stuff in the natural world. But your natural breath, for how long? Don’t go to Wikipedia. Try it out for yourself. Exhale. Inhale long and slow. Now hold it. Know your breath.

So yeah, I’m doing my part. I work, pay rent, love my wife, raise the kids, make their meals with all my heart and don’t want to die.’

Are those your thoughts?

I ask because, die . . . what’s that? What books are you reading? Who tells you whats what? Why are you listening to them? First, know your breath. I say your breath because we accept  mine and yours as being the real thang.  First know yours, then another’s, then no others.

You think others with antennae and hollow domes see us as we see them? If we are limited to me, you, us and them in this world, action and reaction determine whats what. We send love. Whats going to come back? We send death, whats coming home to roost? This is true, because we make it so. We believe separation from is, is a real possibility. We believe you and is are not you is. Me and you computes, while me is you leaves the lips of prophets in texts on shelves at Goodwill.  How many more helpers need to come and deliver the same message again, before we experience the 100th monkey phenomenon?  We wake up to the sun, not knowing we are the son, sister, mother, brother, father, moon, and sun.

Thoughts land, take root and thrive on what they are fed. Look at the crop in your garden. If it is nourishing, keep it. If it’s not, uproot it and plant other seeds.