Let’s have a real short talk,
about black and white people in America.

I observed a story involving a black man walking with two pre-teen white children.
Of course, watching a story on YouTube and being present frame to frame
(before any story can manifest) are very different worlds.

So, a white woman followed the 3 people through Walmart, stopping them and asking to speak with the white girl. The black man refused. The white woman then followed them to the black man’s car, and to his home. The white woman called the police to report the suspicious black man. A white policeman arrived and asked the black man why he had two white kids in his car. The black man answered the white officer. The white officer told the white children to get out of the car. They did, obviously shaken. The white policeman asked the white children why they were with the black man. They answered. The policeman called the white parents to confirm the stories he had heard.

The concerned white woman never came forward.
Of course, it’s a citizen’s responsibility to protect little children from harm.

Now, let’s answer two questions!

If the man had been white with black, brown, green, or rainbow kids,
would this even be a story in America?

The second question follows the 7 statements;
“That sucks!”
“She had a right to be concerned.”
“Next thing you know, they’ll all be smoking crack.”
“Life can be challenging for us all.”
“This is America. We have to change things.”
“Shit happens!”
“I could be that black man (person) .”

Which statement do you most strongly agree with?