Let’s talk about Vietnam.
a side note: My pen hand is jumpier than usual.
Don’t know why.
Back to Vietnam. Let’s see what words pop up.
strength in numbers.
fear  fear  fear
outside in. inside out.
I blocked many outside-in experiences.
Inside-out thoughts had greater impact.
They were ‘Who am I’ thoughts.
I received the first two letters from my birth mother halfway through my tour.
I had met her a couple of times, years earlier. The letters were exciting to read,
her having an Austrian-Polish heritage of artists and business owners.
I was high from the opium, while listening to the Temptations, Aretha, the Four Tops and while rereading those letters.
The shell shock (I was in field artillery) award goes to the third letter.
Amalia said she was Jewish, meaning I was also Jewish according to her faith. That letter rocked my neurons.

I was raised with hatred for Jews and even the word repulsed me. Now suddenly I contained the very essence of my anger and hatred.
Repercussions followed, and here I am 50 years later, revealing a story as I currently perceive it.