Netflix. Woodstock.

just watched Netflix, Woodstock.
Got emotional. 
Tears rolling freely
to below my lips.

It talks about free love. 
I missed all that free love.
I got back in ’68, 2 years after
I left, minus a few days.

Going to Woodstock was a dream
on my to do, when I return, list.
Ritchie Havens sang Freedom.
I wasn’t feeling that freedom.

I was in another reality
just days before NYC,
watching napalm explosions 
blacken the airport sky.

Sgt. Johnson and I sit 
on sandbags and talk.
What happened to Scotty?
What you gonna do now?

Day one in NYC. 
Hang uniform up.
Ride the subway
for weeks, then for months.

Here are the children
with jungle boots and medals
and flowers in their hair.
I am not young or happy.

Young folk (I am 20-21)
appear happier than most
others like me cooped up
trying to make it all work.

Secrets secrets a secret
unwrapped and revealed.
I feel moods, chants, rhythms,
not the words in most songs.

From the late seventies to now, I hear
Futaba Inoue & Jean Pierre-Rampal,
Rampal Greatest Hits, Volume 1
Now: Ave Maria by Charles Gounod.

Hearing words while writing, distracts
(unless it’s from the inside out).
Some folks will head for the exit.
‘We got a crazy one here.’

This aging mind reacts, slow
for the new kids on the block.
The nature of nature is nature.
You want to be? Breathe be

There are trust issues for one
living with fear from day 1. 
Who is that one?
A human being human.

Fear & death. We avoid both.
(Check your ancestral tree.)
We accept good AND bad.
Equal and opposite actions.

No more death at home with the family.
Now it’s, ‘Off to hospice you go’.
‘The hospital just called. She died at 7:11 pm.’
‘Now what?’ ‘I don’t know. Look it up on Google.’

‘Pull that peace close’.
‘Push that non-peace away’.
You want Heaven & Hell?
Ask and you shall receive.

Think long and hard.
Has there ever been PoE?
(a dinosaur chomping on a wing
is what it is, a meal.)

Peace or No Peace. Yes or No?
Win? Lose? Neither?
Now! Not yesterday or forever
waiting for the right answer.

You want ‘win or lose’? 
Ask and you will receive.
You want presence presents?
Be Hear Now

Just look at that!
We start at Netflix,
tell some stories,
wind up here now.