We’re bombarded by ‘up to the minute’ news stories every day.
You’d think we would have moved on by now.
You’ll understand my meaning shortly.

Webster defines news as: a report of recent events.
Webster defines story as: a: an account of incidents or events
b: a fictional narrative shorter than a novel c: a widely circulated rumor
d: a news article or broadcast.

I’ll add here that our current news is a,b,c and d.
The degree of fiction and rumor about the event in the news article depends
on what the guy in charge wants us to believe.

Please stay with me here. Drop the first s and we get ‘new story’. Isn’t it always?
We love our opposites so we have a new and old story.
Hasn’t there always been a story? How many years, millions, billions?
Don’t look it up. One story at a time, please.

We have them in shrouds, caves, layers and drives.
We archive, justify, change and repeat them.
We believe them.

There’s that saying; Twice burned, thrice learned.
For how many centuries have we carried on stories?
Have things gotten better in the bigger picture?
I don’t mean we walked, and now we ride. Think bigger.
Think about Your story.

I like to say
‘I wouldn’t change my past because it got me right here, right now.’
Does it matter what I like to say?
Does it matter what story I am creating for whatever reason?

Let’s try a new way of living. Let’s drop the story.