no name, 5

I am liking this ‘no name’ continuation. It frees mind from ‘thinking in the box’. That takes more work than is necessary, ‘thinking in the box’. Think about it!

See what I mean?

‘I follow my feet’ is what I say.
‘Saying and doing’ are different realities.

I’m going to wake up early and go to the Health Club.
(Next morning, 7:00 am, the alarm goes off) ‘FUCK!’
With eyes still closed I stretch to get the clock,
push the OFF button on the back, toss the clock away
on the bed, puff up the pillow and relax back down.

Some time later I hear Kaia padding down the hall.
That’s right! If she even grumbles in her sleep, 
under the dining room table, my head is off the pillow, 
listening for any signs of discomfort.

[What is the time? Sorry, I tossed the clock away in the dark.]
Kaia stops at the bedroom entrance.
I breathe slowly and don’t move. She stands there.
It’s a stand-off. Kaia then barks once. No response!
She walks to the bed. I mumble into the pillow, 
‘You want me to hug you?’
Eyes still closed, I push my arms into the morning cold
to find her head. I gently stroke her face, head and neck, 
until she has enough and heads to the front door, 
in the kitchen.

That is when Her Alarm commences. She is saying feed me 
OR I got to pee. I will reveal an embarrassing secret between us two. She has bouts of incontinence, so I stand up, neaten the bed covers and head into a new day.

There is so much on my agenda today. I’m building a fence, cleaning (and hopefully burning) cut tree debris, designing a swinging tree bench, researching for Kaia’s prescription med prices on line, walking with her at Buck Lake (hope it doesn’t rain)*, and then other chores will pop-up spontaneously.

So back to ‘saying and doing’. They have different outcomes.
They both ‘feel good’, but one of them gets the things 
I choose to do, done.

‘I will start at the Health Club tomorrow.’

*When we get caught in rain (heavy or a drizzle), doggie heads to the bathroom and waits. These days, even when it hasn’t rained, she does this. I take full responsibility. A few months ago 
I bought a powerful hair dryer from Costco to dry her coat. 
She loves the turbo heat (I think). She stands there, I dry one side. She turns around, I dry the other, and we head out.

* * *
It’s 11:39′ pm, but something else popped up.
‘I see you. You see me.’
One sees tits and ass. One sees love with each breath.
There are two smiles, then one love, then no other. 💗

Then ‘you and me’ is meaningless. Right?

Is that where we’re heading? Just curious.