The child in me
is still me
this many years later.

That un-trusting frightened one
still hovers in the background,
popping up when he whiffs fear.

The first to test the waters.
Is that a porpoise or a crocodile 
waiting just beneath the surface?

An inner cast of characters take charge
and throw up creative smoke screens
to get a better feel and a closer look.

Quick-release shutters and other devices
still slam shut, every now and then
to keep an enemy at bay and the child safe.

We have survived all these years
with joy and fears and laughter and tears
and change has been consistently present.

These days the child mostly stays home,
being a child as best he can.
We splash in the waters, freer than before.

These days child me (faintly visible and still present), 
adult me, and all you other folks in here
get love and a big thank-you from me to me.

nuf said. me