I read somewhere that God created us in Her image.
Omnipotent: Her influence touches all life on earth and beyond.
Omnipresent:Her presence is everywhere at the same time.
Omniscient: Her knowledge is beyond our comprehension, so why bother to define it?

Christ says “. . .with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).
I have heard others say the same thing.  All things means all things.

The preacher says, ‘Brothers and sisters, God can do all things.
Give me a hallelujah’   “Hallelujah!”         ‘Give me an amen.’   “Amen!”

Let’s put this all together.  God created us in Her image and all things are possible.
So, that puts us all at the same table, right?  If God is all those Om’s, then we are those Om’s too.

So, let’s OM on together.