Peace. It floats between chaos and dispassion.
It hovers between flowing water and rock solid mass.
We don’t want to be so solid all we know is to resist.
Nor do we want to be so fluid we’ll follow anyone anywhere.
Peace is inclusive of mind, and beyond it. Peace is the pivot point on the seesaw.
Where we place our weight will determine our balance.
We perceive peace as relaxing at the waters edge, having an eternal smile,
and projecting waves of love out to the world.
It’s a conceptual illusion that dismisses whirling tornadoes, explosive volcanoes,
animals devouring others, fires gobbling up forests and death’s acrid scent.
I’d say our peaceful mind is more of a piece full mind. We choose its meaning.
It means one thing to an Israeli, another to a Palestinian.
It means different things to self-proclaimed Conservatives than it does to die-hard Liberals.

Peace is having equanimity in the midst of horror and bliss.
We still laugh, cry, express anger and experience life as we live it.
It means do what you can at the crash scene and 25 minutes later be present
with your butt on the seat and the bug splat on the windshield.
Thoughts of the injured may arise. The experience has past
and any thoughts after the fact are being made up.
Think about this. Each and every time we re-think or imagine an experience,
the movie on the screen is always different, even slightly so.
Additionally, when we are in think mode, the presents behind the screen slip away.
‘What presents?’, you ask. We’ll never know, will we?

Peace! Do I have it or think I want it?

Stories. We live in a world of stories. Relate something in your life that isn’t one.
Mind works best with beginnings and endings. Once a happening is experienced,
we create a story vehicle. This vehicle remains dormant until mind calls it forth
for us to utilize/share with others. We come upon a most radiant flower in the forest.
Before leaving the scene, a story materializes,
giving us the illusion we have captured something.

We have all communicated without stories. We hug a tree, kiss our dogs and breathe with a partner
after orgasm.  We step on a glass shard and react instantly. The story comes afterwards.

As our minds become more stable (balanced), each moment has its own truth.
I suggest, there is no story and no history.
Folks say, ‘You are coming from left field. If we don’t have history, we’d never know when we were born’.
I’d say, ‘You were never born. He didn’t make you. She didn’t birth you. It’s the story we’ve chosen to accept.
Why are there so many religions, personal beliefs, and food varieties on this planet?
Stories, stories and more stories. Would you eat a chipotle chicken vegetable stew,
a certified organic beef burger,  a mesquite charcoal grilled pit bull pup?
See what I mean about our stories?
There are folks out there who’d love to chomp down on a tasty dog haunch.
Some stories energize, others enervate. Jot down the stories you re-live most.
This simple exercise may reveal more of you to you.

Kaia and I are going to the park for awhile.

There’s you and me,  or we. There’s mine and yours,  or ours. There’s them and us,  or we all.
They say peace starts within, and one is all and all is one.

I say, ‘That ‘s a whole other story’.