How can we go up, while the movement outside the window is going down?

Dad and Ma and us four(at the time) kids had lugged the heavy suitcases through the snow,
to our new home. We pushed through the heavy green outside door. Ma pushed a gold button
on the lobby wall. The inside doors opened to the little room. We crowded in. Ma pressed 13,
the doors slid closed, and we started moving. This was my first elevator ride. I was 5.
The walls outside the little window were moving down. How could that be?

The answer I received from Ma didn’t settle comfortably for many months.


Is there a God? Yes. No. Maybe so.
What does He, She, It look like, if so?
Are there more answers than there are people?
Why do you think that?
If you believe in a God, is one better than another?
Do Muslim, Christian, and Hebrew Gods live together?
Yes or no and why?
Love is love. Not mine or yours or theirs. Right or wrong?
Does God (including your name for the Ideal One) reside inside or outside of you? Where in or out?
Are we humans higher evolved than other species?
Please listen to the daily news before answering.
Is there peace on earth, or just in Hallmark cards?
Do we create Gods or do Gods create us?
What makes you think so?

Do most questions go unanswered?
Are we all truly separate entities,
or are we living in an illusion?
I don’t need to know.
Do you?