The original of this piece was stolen in the Fall of 2014 while I was moving the art pieces between the vehicle and my rented storage unit at Pro-Guard Self Storage in Poulsbo, WA. My unit was #615 and other folks were in the building at the same time.

If you see ‘Reign of Peace’, please give me a call. Thank you.

‘Reign of Peace’ coincides with the Iraqi invasion, March 2003.

I was listening to President George Bush’s press conference on NPR (National Public Radio), the evening of the invasion. He didn’t directly answer one question put to him by the news reporters. (I later downloaded the transcript from the White House web site, which confirmed this truth).

When the press conference ended two experts came on to discuss the merits of the President’s profound statements and intelligent answers. After listening to them babble for a few minutes I turned the radio off and haven’t turned one on since.

I sat there absorbing what I had just heard. That’s when the idea of the next collage came to me. It would be named ‘Let Peace Rain’. Over the next few weeks the initial idea of the United States as aggressor evolved to ‘May Peace Reign’ worldwide, within the hearts and minds of us all.

This piece has many hundreds of images, some no larger than a pinhead. ‘Reign of Peace’ contains my photos from Mardi Gras, Vietnam and other places. It was one of the most inspiring works to complete and one of the most difficult to assemble.

Does ‘Reign of Peace’ speak to you in any way?  -Fred
Most images were cut out (with scalpels) and assembled manually.   [one original sized print for sale]

Reign of Peace

View the creation and up close details of Reign of Peace in this video.