“Who are you?” I asked.


“Who are you SEER?”

I am lawlessness outside the confines of your cranial domain.
I am naught but multi-dimensional madness frowned upon by your scholars
who appear to be sane. I am the mustiness nesting in the dankness of your mind cellar.
I am the light of day and your fear at night.
I am the impulse that you respond to with ‘that’s impossible’.

I am a soldier on the field, baking under the sun, putrefying and about to burst.
I am the mother bearing a child, waiting for my lover to return.

I am at the door. Invite me in. Receive me as you would receive yourself.
Fear not, for we are never separate. You and I are fear and death,
life and love and again, none of the above.

Why cross a bridge when we can fly. Why fly, when there is no where to go.
Fly to what? Away from where? Let’s settle in and be here now now now now now . . . . . . .

I am SEER. Open your eyes. See. Be seen.