Here’s an interesting read.

This Wikipedia page lists the world’s largest empires by land area and GDP. For some unknown reason America doesn’t make the list. The USA has the largest military deployment in the world
since the beginning of recorded history. We have military personnel in about 150 countries,
or 75% of the world’s nations.

The Free Dictionary defines empire as: A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising
a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority.

When was the last time decisions in America were made by and for the people? The Supreme Court majority gave major corporations free reign to elect or reject candidates at will. I’d say we group these multi-billionaires together and recognize the supreme authority they now hold over the other 99% of American citizens.

I suggest you look over the world’s largest empires. Great Britain was the largest.
It’s said their empire was so large the sun never set on it.
The sun did set on it quite a while back.

Our American motto is: Stars and Stripes forever.

Please take a look around. We have brushed nature aside, and blindly rush toward end of story.
Forever? Forget it! No thing is forever.