So, here we go with a sit down 
do it make up class for lost time.
Yeah, I know what you may be thinking. 
I said ‘may’, remember please.

We, you and me, are not what appears
to be real to me and you.
Oh sure, there are degrees of real
blah blah blah . . .

Let’s look at the ‘Real Wheel’.
We see others on the wheel,
unaware as long as ‘we’ exist,
the wheel is steady turning.

Me, you, us and them, we
maintain the ‘Real Wheel’.
How can a ‘world’s history’ be recorded
by 1 biased species, man.

“I am smarter than all other animals plants
so on and so forth. First Goddess(or God),
then me and mine*, then all others.” 
*Mine includes those humans that think like me.

How long has man been on this earth?
Women, I am not leaving you all out.
Just noting ‘man’ alone is a habit,
very quickly fading.

“a Pea brain!”
Peas, choose any variety, 
may have better brains,
than we humans have.

Give this one a little thought.
Peas get energy from sun, earth 
water, moon and sky. Peas fill
our bellies and sustain our lives.

Humans receive the same elements,
sun earth water moon and sky,
and kill each other using them. 
Which brain is preferable?

Brains are used to induce love
or to further divide us all.
My brain is usually where?
Loving or Dividing us all?

Don’t know why we’re here
talking about who writes history.
Slaves arrived bound on ships.
Natives (mistakenly called Indians)

were 90% wiped off of the Americas,
and accidentally named after Amerigo V.
Who recorded this history of free landings
in the home of (relatives and) dead braves?

I am certain it wasn’t me,
and the wheel keeps turning,
as long as I see me and you,
us and them, and we.