I woke this morning
lauding my self
for living here
at ease for
24 years.

Canine home mates
have also lived here
some of this time,
with few humans
ever stopping by.

I applaud humans
that appear to be
genuinely loving,
not just needing,
in longer term
relating ships.

For me
living alone
is not lonely

So, this morning I woke
with these two words
Solitude & Presence
needing attention.
I looked them up.

Solitude: the state of being or living alone.
Right now and 5+ years of the 24 years,
there has been one heartbeat resident
on the premises, so I know solitude.

Presence: the state or fact of existing,
occurring or being present in a place
or thing (and many other definitions).
A more difficult one to fully fathom.

I may be present with the garden
or I may be thinking about lunch
while working within the garden.
Do both states reveal presence?

Please help me with this one.