Think I heard this one on HuffPost. It takes place in Canada.
The salmon run is drying up, so the Bald Eagles that feast on live salmon, will soon be starving. The solution
to save the eagles may be to supply them with the animal by-products we give our poor people, dogs and cats. Generations of North America’s symbolic birds may wind up eating Purina Wild Bird Carnivore Chow. What next?

Watching the impeachment ‘stage show’ is totally staged.
In front of the camera they huff and puff, to blow the house down. On the breaks they chit, shit, chat, eat, drink, joke, and look at their phones, to check if the President has mentioned them by name. Back in public and recorded, “here we are folks” with the huff and the puff. No one there, stands on solid ground. Not just with words, but with the courage of a red ant, life source of sweet air, gurgling icy stream water, Sun and Moon, “Let’s come together as one, until there is one, and then none”.

“He did!” “He didn’t!” What I choose to believe, may determine what I tune-in to, or maybe it’s vice-versa. Marketing is a two-way street. You want something they say is best? Check out the Amazon ratings. They want you, mind, body and soul to stick with them, ’til death do you part. One notable example is the ongoing nicotine sales to new young consumers. Same death, different package. Their motive is financial(U.S. Dollars are best) enrichment. I don’t choose sides here, as I play both roles, and then some others. So, is the answer to be both right and wrong, white and black, words and beyond, cherry trees and cherries (choose your own image here), you and me, in a big loving ball of life and love and

When you cause and support another human being in knowing shame, guilt, death, pain, suffering, inferiority and exclusion, up close, what do you get? When you deprive another human being of all basic life support systems for generations, then tell that person “you are now free”, (but not really), what do you get?
A person fighting systemic suppression is the likely outcome.
Fight by any means attainable, re-submit to the system, or
let each breath determine the next step.

I was looking at feline pics on FB. After 20+ years with canine(male and female) companions, I’m considering adding a cat to the household. After Kaia flew the coop(3-D planet earth) on June 3rd, 2019, I have missed her presence/presents up until recently. The other morning I thought, ‘I don’t miss Kaia specifically, but the loving/sharing essence of another beating heart’. I have determined words, creative projects, the garden and internal spirits may not fulfill a brighter path. Kinda funny this. Starting off at male and female, skipping over us humans, and ending back with dogs and cats. So far, so good, but is good good enough? I ask.