This piece first materialized as a name. Spirit Rising. Then over a few months the visual began to manifest. I have received feedback from many friends regarding this piece, with as many interpretations. I will share mine with you. At this moment there is at least one skull, covered with musculature and skin here. Yours!

We will all return to the Great Mother. The skulls and bodies flow down into the black void, the darkness, which we fear so much. The planets ask a question. Notice the shortening fuses and the clock hands almost at 12. The question is, will we eventually destroy this planet, and ourselves with it?

I believe spirit is within, without, and all about. If we create a planetary holocaust, spirit will rise, such as the spirits rising from the destroyed earth. The birds streaking across the horizon signify rebirth.
That’s my take on this piece. What is yours? Please share it with me.  -Fred
Most images were cut out(with scalpels) and assembled manually.   [original for sale]

Spirit Rising

Collage Dimensions: 39″ x 31″