Start softly again.

Had a long week?
Start softly again.

So much loss this week,
of income and movement.

This week I feared death,
mine, may come too soon.

This week found me praying
for family, friends and others.

We are told to stay at home,
or possibly cause people to die.

This week had the national media
drumming one story into my head.

Our leader talks to them about us,
instead of talking with all of us.

I worked in the garden, wrote a poem,
prepared dinner, ate, and thought,

‘If the overwhelmed web fizzles out,
will we survive without our devices?

Will we start communing by letter?
Will we teach the children cursive?

Hmmm, I think that will never happen.
Middle East to the 16th century to now,

is how long cursive has been around
and Americans try to forget the past.’

I have had a long week,
and will start again,