the 3 Short Stories,

I cannot tell a lie.
the Emperor’s brand new clothes.
the Pied Piper of Fear.

coming soon.


I cannot tell a lie.
A lie? I never lie.

I feed your fantasies
of being great again.

I make it up, so truth
is a grey matter word,

tumbled and jumbled
to mean nothing at all,

to those that envision
their place in N. America,

as becoming great again.

the Emperor’s brand new clothes
is a tale evolving in front of our very eyes.
We all recognize the Emperor is full of himself,
only cares about financial gain, praise he receives
from the minions of groveling worshipers serving him,
and his narcissistic need to be liked and right.
His worshippers know he lacks any clothes,
but will continue to applaud his wardrobe,
if he continues to serve their needs
cloaked in religion, gun rights,
racism and resource profits.
1 and 2 are related.

Do you see how?

the Pied Piper of Fear
is not just another person,
unpaid for deeds rendered.

It’s not some one out there.
the Pied Piper lives inside
each one of us. Inside here.

Let’s get to know this rejected,
pushed away part of thought
in here, and plant new seeds

of life and love, so out there
what we see is what we get.
1, 2 and 3 are related.

Do you see how?