The 4 S’s

Stupidity & Selfishness
Sagacity & Selflessness

A] Stupidity; behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgement

.B] Sagacity; acuteness of mental acuity and soundness of judgement

C] Selfishness; concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself OR seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure or well-being, without regards for other

D] Selflessness; being selfless connects us with others OR is similar with altruistic—another word for giving to others without needing personal gain.

Please look in the mirror and ask yourself
1) Do I believe wearing a mask will help to protect my fellow Americans from the Corona Virus?

2) Do I believe my American rights to do as I please outweighs the right to support my community?

3) Do I get angry when someone asks me to wear a mask OR do I readily comply?

4) Who and why did I vote for the Presidential candidate that won or lost? Look deeper and be honest. Was Fear an influencing factor?

5) Do I believe the election was stolen or honestly compiled?

6) Am I young and invincible and believe others have to care for themselves?

After answering the questions,
which letters (A], B], C], D])
do I relate with most,
regarding COVID?


December 16, 2020