It takes courage to listen, hear and respond to our personal highest callings, when the hypnotic power of media, tradition and the baaing masses responding to the bleating of pious leaders pull us into darkness.

We give military personnel Purple Hearts for wounds received during acts of courage. Lets give medals of courage to those few that act from their hearts and trust enough to swim against a current strong enough to end their lives. Those few that have stood for love and inclusiveness died with that message on their lips. There are volumes relating Gandhi’s words and principles. How many of us live those principles of love? Malcolm X, during his pilgrimage in Mecca, observed all colors praying side by side. When he returned home, his message was love for all people. What happened to him? J.C. came on the scene and was nailed to a cross with love and forgiveness on his lips. There are current brothers and sisters delivering the same love life peace on earth message. We pedestal them in movies and with special offers on Amazon. We download their words on Kindle and act how?

We have volumes of messages suggesting we love one another. Do we exhibit more love for all our relations, or are we decimating their species because our love of capital is greater than a love of life?

Love starts at home. Home is where the heart is. Lets be in love here at home before we try loving another.