the Past Connection

It’s wonder full to be here now and now. That is one dimension of reality.
Another dimension is time in space, between the 3 dimensions of past,
present, and future. It’s a relaxing place to be. Then there is Connective Reality.
This is where we create a past to justify our presence. Our Presence will dictate
the future, to some degree. Connective Reality is where the human dilemma takes place.

History is a story that links our presence with past events. Those of us in control will arrange the historic words to justify our group’s identity. The issue rises when we write history, but refuse to relate with it. Here are two examples.

1] I am caged, sold, bought, beaten, and tortured. I am denied access to my heritage and culture, immediate family, spiritual connections, and then given Jesus Christ
and re-named African American.
“Don’t know why I am still angry 400 years later.”

2] Profit is my primary motive. Spare the rod and spoil the sub-human species. Emasculate the male and breed the woman. I have built generations of wealth on the backs of them. Why stop now?
400 years later, “Don’t look at me. That was a long time ago”.

Reading a history book is informative, but as long as I do not personally identify with my link to history, history will repeat itself.

Sure, even I say ‘Love is the Answer’, but let’s stay real. Real love is all that was, is, and will ever be. Love is God, Goddess, or whatever name one uses to describe the entirety of life. When we are able to magically shift to ‘the love connection’, from our human dilemma, great. Until that time, let’s move through fear to re-connect with and revise our polluted and long-rooted human relating systems.

Give me an Amen.