Maybe I will call all this stuff, stuff. 
That’s what it is, right? Stuff! 
Break that stuff down, and get what you want.

Is seeing believing OR does believing come first
OR does it even matter?

Lets not forget the Way Home is not a destination,
a voyage, an excursion. Home is where the Heart is
a wide open mouth of God.

In a 3-D world there has to be thought and vision
for many of us. Some times it’s inside out.
Other times it’s outside in.
They work together.

Tired. In the elevator going up. 3:25 AM. 
The elevator jolts to a halt. The lights go out.
Pitch black. You listen. BLEAK Silence.
You push the buttons. No response, no sound,
no nothing. You pull out your phone. It’s dead.
The ceiling is too high to reach. What now?
You HOLLER and SCREAM and make a fuss. 
Nothing. No one. Now what?

So what kicks in first, 
Sight OR Thought
OR does it matter?

I know. I know. Everyone has an opinion. 
So here WE (you and i) go again.

WE is a verbal expression given meaning. 
you and i are verbal expressions given meaning.
Them and us are verbal expressions
and the meaning is never universal.
Think about that.

Let’s pull ’em over.
Shit! We ain’t done shit! They jus’ fuckin’ wid us?
Turn off the ignition. Roll down the windows!
Keep your hands on the steering wheel.
Hey brother we ain’t got shit. Don’t worry.
Just do what they
He’s got a . . .
Bullets enter the vehicle.
Driver side, then passenger side.

You see what I am saying about them and us.
Those verbal expressions hold (and held)
different meanings for these four individuals.
The same exact words, different meanings.

Love is love BUT you&i&them&us appear separate
so that means what? There is a WE?
Crack open that mind and BE the pulse of life
and all that is, was and now on.

Forget the words.
Love is LOVE.

I AM done here.

In the 3-D world
even the Buddha has work to do.