Our leaders talk about them and U.S.
Who is the US included in their calculations?

Is it the “US” that rolled a golden likeness of Donald Trump into a gathering today?
Is it the “US” that are still getting murdered since the Emancipation Proclamation?
Is it the “US” that have died of COVID because of this government’s inactivity?
Is it the “US” living in limbo, hoping to become American citizens?
Is it the few of “US” that own most of the wealth?
Is it the “US” living in the street with our children, because our jobs have dissolved?
Is it the “US” waiting for a pittance handout, while our leaders choose to spend billions
to bomb families around the world?
Is it the “US” frowned upon, because we appear different?
Is the “US” Proud Boys and Girls, or some other accepted hate full organization?
Is it all of “US” they are appealing to, to hate “THEM”?

It would be helpful to know who our leaders are addressing, and why.

Some of you may quickly respond with,“All of US United States citizens of course”

Let us now reflect on these United States.
When have the States ever been united?

Maybe after the great Civil War?
Maybe after the Voting Rights Act?
Maybe after all the abortion decisions?
Maybe after Natives had their land stolen?
Are we united people in these United States,
or is the united part just an imaginary delusion?

There are many THEM’s vs US’s
Liberals vs Conservatives
Christians vs Muslims
Muslims vs Jews
Us vs Them
are just
a few.

As long as US vs THEM is the way we choose
to co-exist, peace on earth is only possible
in the Hallmark holiday greeting cards.
Are YOU included in their US?

I suggest we plant seeds
that support ALL of US.

Jesus says, “You shall love
your neighbor as yourself”.

Aren’t families in THEM places
also our worldwide neighbors?