Jobs used to go to the whitest,
now they go to the brightest.

U.S. employers aren’t stymied
by two oceans and borders,
like they used to be.

In a day, employers can post an opening
and have the seat filled hours later,
with a worker willing to work
for less than an American.

Shareholders finance a Capitalist system
and will continue to do so as long as
the system produces income.

Sorry guys (white), but the shareholders
don’t care what color got the job.
They want to see green.
It is just that simple.

I know,
your skin color has paved a path of gold for you
,but that path is having it’s unforeseen pitfalls,
and your middle classification has tumbled
to low class and sidewalk housing
beside the other have nots.

OK, I get that change is the only constant,
and that is a difficult concept to feel.

Wolves will always devour the weakest prey.
Less energy is spent and more power
is experienced thru the wolf pack.

We humans are wolves of a sort.

Instead of addressing the source of strife,
we seek a weaker opponent to blame
for our unaddressed issues.

“Blame them down there.
The Blacks Browns
Yellows Reds