They ask something of us.

Who are They?
Love and Light,

so bright at night,
in living dreams.

Oh, what a sight,
this love and light.

The morning manna
and in all our meals,

the living we love
and those we don’t,

our animal friends
and those we fear,

The ones that enter
and those that leave,

are surely not
as they appear.

Behind the pictures
we believe are real,

flow the sauce of life.
Here is the Real deal.

What is it, they ask?
Who wants to know?

They ask us to look
beyond eyes and mind,

minus the current illusion
of ‘we be who we see’.

Love and Light combine
beyond word and thought.

(Picture that).

Streaming on . . .

So here we are again,
when we know ‘again’
is clearly not a reality.

Real world frames
do not repeat.

Mind makes up
it’s own little world.
Repeat. Past. Present.
Future. No Mind.

Real world frames
do not repeat.

Technology, sure.
35 mm film? No.

Each step is a new frame.
The action of stepping back
will not change the illusion
of what appears as real.

This is getting too deep
for me, so I’m bowing out,
any second now.

See you on the way out,
and give me a shout.