Think about how far we have come.

Body parts are fashionably clothed
Sexual tools are used for pleasure
Most products are manufactured.

Eating bananas in Nome, Alaska
Getting skeletal bone replaced
Being here now escapes us.

We converse with more than an UGG
We rape and loot faster then earth
can naturally restock and heal.

We forgot the meaning of teachers
that tell us to ‘love your brother’.
Sisters aren’t in that equation.

We love our skins, be it pork, fried,
up on the wall, framed, ball hide,
or having it in a game or two.

We don’t bear our ancestry deepest
roots of right here now is all that is.
Sure dream, if that appeals to you.

That dinosaur heading your way
said act now. Mind progressed
and more thought than action

created laws and policing force
to separate the good and bad,
determined by alpha leaders.

We write about life on earth,
but are not integrated as it.
We are sealing our fate.

As long as our thought is fueled
by separation of life into parts,
you me us and them live on.

Is that very difficult
to see feel know?
Think, now Act.