Thinking out loud

I formally decline any invitation
to enjoy a happy gathering
with your family during the
next Native Day feast.

I know we are biting our nails
(toes and fingers) down
to the bloodied flesh,
hoping we haven’t
inhaled a Covid
19 exhale.

the burning forests are closing in
hot fires torch our safe havens
McConnell packs the courts
renters are in the street
killer hornets eat bees.

No bees, less pollination,
the rich will innovate,
the poor will fight
each other to
the death.

The rich will lift off
to another planet,
earlier prepped
for their take-
over, again.

When will we learn
here is all we got
with our homies
(all life species),
nd each other?

So, all that to ask,
who has the time for a feast
designating the erasure
of a huge # of men
women and kids
from the earth,
with all that
going on?

Just me
out loud

October 27, 2020