Thoughts aplenty & more.

The dead stand among the living.
A forest dies and rebirths another
form energetic configuration.

Matter is neither
created nor destroyed.
It just changes shape.

A handgun will not grow on trees.
The forest does support death,
not the unnatural implements for it.

Step out and above the body awhile.
Remove all human effects from earth.
Now look down. What do you see?

I see change, variables
outside this human confine
of body and thought.

OK, let’s come back to earth
and drop into body-mine
thoughts and feelings.

“As long as the dividend is sacred,
births of currency and weapons,
will be the main coming attractions.”

When some beings arrived here,
Who me?
(We know who we are.)

as experimental robots,
appearing as evolutionary
humans with no memory,

we were given two dictates.
“Know fear and separation”.
“Never have enough”.

Life and death,
each serves the other,
and each is the other.

Some say save nature.
Some say fuck nature.
Nature does not care

one way or another.
Nature is nature,
whatever we say.

Think on the robot nature,
nourished by fear, aloneness
and the implanted need for more.

What outcomes are nourished
by fear and separation,
and the insatiable need?

The dead stand among the living.
Dead and alive, side by side,
inside out. See it, be it.