True or False?

The Tulsa, OK.
Black Wall Street
had to be destroyed.

They created their own wealth,
had built their own schools
and their own banks,
and prospered.

The children in those schools
were learning how to thrive
without relying on whites.

Can you Imagine the Master Race
losing control of former slaves,
who are creating wealth
for generations
to come?

An entire black community
is burned to the ground
and the white folks
bury the truth

Please let us remember,
the government deputized
the white citizens to destroy
the Black Wall Street community.

The United White States of America
has successfully eliminated 90%
of this land’s native peoples,
has freed official slaves
who now slave away
in the Prison

The former black cotton pickers now sit
behind bars, building furniture, auto
parts and serving in call centers,
being paid pennies per hour,
slavery under an alias.

Why all the fake media shock
and presidential speeches
that will pass when
another person
occupies the

This many years after voting rights
has been enacted for us all,
there are white leaders
today, making laws
to keep voters

Some people say ‘let’s talk about this’.
I say ‘talk, talk, talking is empty
without constructive action.

Our dysfunctional political parties
operate like crabs in a barrel,
especially true these days.
“Pull them back down.”

“Never support their programs,
so their programs will fail,
and we’ll win again.”

Black Wall Street murderers struck
one hundred buried years ago.
Black folks will die today
because of systemic
buried racism.

True or False?