is not a continuum,
though like all else,
it appears to be.

“OK, I just stepped out of character.”

I have no idea where this is heading.
Let’s follow and see if we break a leg
like they say in showbiz OR wind up tapping [Delete],
saying good night to the dog and heading to bed.

“OK, back in character.”

“OK, out of character.”

Then we come along, look around, throw our arms up and say me me me me me and you. We forgot!
Hear what I’m saying?

I’m saying each year the Book gets bigger.
Not the Bible, the Dictionary. 
The hackle raiser is in there also.

and all the components and classifications.

REMEMBER, we threw up our arms and forgot
you me him her them us
god god god god god

“OK, I don’t know if I am in or out of character,
so no more characters.”

in big letters
is a big word.

In ceremony for days and nights I pray
on a mountainside. Three days later it’s time
to come down
I lay there, eyes closed, not asleep, nor awake
inhaling warm forest earth.

The internal scape is a bright desert from here to infinity. 
In other words, Vast.
I breathe easily, maybe even smile.

A tiny blotch appears, screen way back right. 
It’s spreading this way, dark, cold, terrifying
at top speed.

Rapid breaths
Chills up spine
Dark Dark

I leap up and start to run
look back and stop!
a Young Fawn is standing
where I had been. 
I blink.
It is gone
Just like that.

So, back to trust. If I had trusted
god god god god god
is all there is

would I be here now?

I could blab on and on
but no, here is another TRUST story.

I am driving my taxi South on the Westside Highway
Had dropped a customer off in Fort Lee
New Jersey, at about midnight. Rain is pouring

A car slams into my right rear passenger door. 
My Checker cab spins and jumps the divider, landing perpendicular in the Northbound lanes. I look through the front passenger window. Headlights bearing down. 
I think, ‘I am going to die’.
Her voice said, ‘You can’t die’.

I next remember the rescuers prying open the door.
A fireman shouts, ‘He is in shock’. I was crying
not from shock, but because I didn’t believe her
‘You can’t die’.