Vietnam 67-68

Pulled the tail on Betty,
our 175-SP Cannon

Rode shotgun
on ammo convoys

Bore a PRC-25 radiio
for the 2nd lieutenant
to direct artillery, in support
of the untrusted ARVN troops.

A recall of fading memories.

Folks say
“Thank you for your service”.
I say
“Thank you for your service”.
They say
“What do you mean?”

I say others
chose the war
inducted me
clothed me
trained me

flew me there
built the bags
for body parts

designed and shipped
white phosphorous
and hi-explosives
we fired to kill
the unseen

So yes,
without your service
building war machines
and implements of death
and reasons to kill ‘the other’

this Memorial Day might be
a memorial to life, living,
loving the neighbors
around the world
and next door
love is the


Just thumbed this one, sitting in the car.
Wanted to get it out, on this day-off day.