Walking on air.

I stay in Yoga/Meditation centers.
At Wat Suan Mok, Thailand,
the mosquitoes stick us
with sharp daggers.

No moving, flinching, suffering.
Just breathe and observe.
The bite heat spreads,
then soon dissolves.

After some months of meditating there
and at a few other places, I will visit
Ajahn Chah’s Wat in NE Thailand,
where I intend to stay for a year.

[I just got lost, in another good story.
We started off walking on thin air,
and wound up on an other path.
so let’s back track a bit here.]

There is a German woman, Helle,
at the monastery also. She says,
“Before Wat Pah Nanachat,
first visit Bali, Indonesia”.

“I paint there and am returning soon.
Fred, you will absolutely love it.”
Just where is Bali, Indonesia?
I am a clueless American.

[Before heading back on the road,
I tell Helle I’ll meet her in Bali,
but that is a different story,
so let’s stay on track now.]

After a month of meditating,
standing walking silence
yoga vegetarian meals,
I float thru the gate,

heading into town,
my head in heaven,
my feet barely on earth,
when I get the God shock.

Relaxed, smiling, not here or there,
I smile at an old man, He smiles.
I walk slowly in God’s light.
A gander waddles over,

and clamps down on my hip.
HARD! Smiling, I drag him,
backpack and all, along,
not wanting to panic.

The old guy is laughing out loud,
makes motions to slap the bird.
The bird is really clamped on.
I give that bird a hard smack.

It tumbles across the dusty road.
The man gives me a thumbs up.
I make my way to the bus stop.
Here I am, bubble-popped,

no longer walking on air.
[So quickly we forget,
mind is ever-ready
to take the wheel.]