Imagine peering into black, hearing cans jangle, leaning on the M60, sweating bullets,
knowing some little fucker is going to slip into the bunker and slit my throat.

I got through another night unscathed. Yeah

I lived in a 2 man bunker with a brother from Chicago. He was on his third tour.
Said he was a Black Muslim and a Blackstone Ranger and prayed facing east,
occasionally. At night he’d get up and spray piss everywhere.
I’d jump up and he’d apologize. He had me convinced
his screws were seriously loose,
but I was never really sure.

In my 175 and 8 inch field artillery unit we didn’t have worries
about  hobbling trench foot or shitty punji stakes.

Our concerns were incoming rockets and mortars,
but more so the ARVN’s and each other.